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Your Mortgage Broker’s Role

As your mortgage broker, our role has always been to help you determine which mortgage product best suits your current financial situation.

When a consumer deals with a single financial institution or lender, he also only negotiates with that single lender. As a result, he is given access to a very restricted number of mortgage products. Mortgage rates change daily and the best offers can only be found by shopping around.

Your mortgage broker deals with a multitude of lenders that compete for our business due to the increased volume of mortgages we finance with them yearly. This privileged position allows us to offer you a wide range of mortgage products as well as the best mortgage rates available on the market. Furthermore, the services of your mortgage broker are free of charge since it is the financial institution or lender that pays him/her. Your broker only receives payment if and when the mortgage is accepted and the funds are disbursed.

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