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Our brokers can help you set a fair market value and ultimately assist you in receiving the optimal price for your property. We have access to several tools to determine a just price for your property, a crucial step in listing your property on the current market.

An over-priced listing will help sell comparable properties in your area listed at the better price  and will mean losing opportunities to sell your property that may not present themselves again. On the contrary, an under-priced listing can mean thousands of dollars lost; money that can no longer de recuperated.

The list price of a property should never be determined based on the comparable properties currently for sale. It should rather be based on the price at which comparable properties have recently sold. Let us help you in determining the optimal market value and list price for your property.

A few factors that affect the price of your property and can be discussed with your broker are:

  • The number of properties for sale in your area
  • The average sale price of properties in your area
  • The overall condition of your property
  • The area/location of your property
  • The type of property and its demand
  • The economy/current market
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